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A breath of fresh air!

24 Mar

A breath of fresh air!

No, I’m not just talking about the lovely spring air here in London, Ontario – I am talking about our interview today with a fantastic and fun public librarian! After blue skies, adventures (and mis-adventures) in the city, and whispered chats in armchairs by a train set, we got to speak with a wonderful children’s librarian in London who is recent grad of the UWO MLIS program. She was kind enough to let us photograph this letter, which we happily share with you, kind listeners, to satiate your desire for a new episode! We are working on it. Promise. Stay tuned for the audio in the next episode, and thank you so much for your comments and support 🙂


Here we go!

30 Jan

This project came into being following a discussion we had regarding student, administrative, and faculty experience at FIMS (The Faculty of Information Science at the University of Western Ontario) being sometimes in a state of disconnect (for a variety of reasons, including the pace of the program and resulting rapid student turnover). We wanted to see a more engaged student population; we ourselves wanted to feel more involved. After a rushed conversation in the final weeks of our first term, the beginnings of The Pocket Librarian was scooped up and shaped into a solid academic idea, encouraged and supervised – to our delight – by Dr. Pam McKenzie.

Our aims in this project are not the world. With this podcast, something that has quickly become “our baby”, we want to help to alter the LIS (Library and Information Science) community at FIMS by talking about topics of common interest, by talking with the smorgasbord of bright minds in the department, and work to disseminate information about the FIMS experience that may not currently be accessible to everyone within it.

The Pocket Librarian is meant to both provide librarians and soon-to-be librarians with tools, and to be, in itself, a tool for the community to utilize and engage with. Our goal? To provide new and exciting perspectives that explore the realms of libraries and librarianship that may go unnoticed – even if these perspectives are just our own.