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28 Feb

As we near our FIRST REAL EPISODE, I thought I’d jot down some additional thoughts to our process, and why I think it’s taken a full month to actually get to the point of release the audio.

We’ve spent a lot of time searching for podcast safe music (thanks to to music.mevio.com and freemusicarchive.org and the many independent Canadian artists that I’ve approached over the last few weeks) and also working on tweaking the blog.  I’ve personally discovered how much a production can benefit from a “brand” and how much easier it is to have all these materials set up before you actually release the “product.”  Perhaps that’s just my own need to have things in place, however, I will say it makes networking and connecting with potential interview subjects much easier!

On the tech side, a lot of my concern has to do with sound quality and making sure we don’t turn people off simply because it’s unbearable to listen to.  The focus should be, of course, on the the content and not the format.  But just like me desire to have a clear brand and recognizable identity for the show, the presentation of the show is just as important for me.

The best part of this, however, is that this is very much a learning experience.  Despite the techy side of things, what I’ve quickly discovered (and in particular what I LOVE about producing, interviewing and editing segments) is trying to find the nuggets that make an interesting and hopefully entertaining story.

I’ve edited segments for podcasts before but they’ve always been just me, or an interview that was no longer than 6-10 minutes long.  Putting together a WHOLE SHOW, I must say is a much larger endeavour.  Like writing a paper, there is a need to have your final product be CLEAR and still have FLOW.

So… the first episode.  It’s coming. 🙂

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Reflection on the first three weeks.

31 Jan

Reflection on the first three weeks.

Hello world! (Ha, just kidding – we are NOT just another wordpress blog.)

Lola and I have been working on this project, as some of you know, since before the winter break, and it has quickly become our baby. Brainstorming for the title was perhaps the hardest, and so far, most time-consuming part. Note the so far. This project, though we have narrowed it down to approximately two to three podcasts, total, is way larger than either of us ever thought it would be, I think.

So, what have we been doing for the past three weeks? Well, we have met in a variety of different spots – including wonderfully kitchy cafes, the Department of Journalism at FIMS (with the wonderful Wendie, to whom we already owe so much) and the Westmount library here in London – and brainstormed, investigated, examined, honed, and drafted. We have way more ideas than we will ever be able to produce (or, at least, within the term.)

It has been a crazy road so far. But a pleasant one.

Today, we did our first skype interview! It was really fun, but was definitely an adventure. The blooper files are already stacking up as high as the smooth audio we will be broadcasting!

Also, I completed a part of our conversation editing! It took forever. But once you figure out Garage Band… super fun. I never realized how woefully inadequate my techie skills were, but as I’m improving, I’m realizing that I will be leaving this ‘course’ with – thanks to Lola – many more ‘hard skills’ than I ever expected to learn. Which is fantastic.

Reading my leadership article for Tuesday’s class and came across a quotation I thought adequately described what we are trying to do here. “The most important work in the knowledge economy is conversation.”  Later on in the article, the author says that “the quality of our learning process depends on the quality of the questions we ask” (Juanita Brown & David Isaacs, The System Thinker: Conversation as Core Business Process). We hope that we are asking the right questions, and having conversations that you will eventually be able to enjoy. Thanks for joining us on this journey.

Until the next!