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TPL 001: Our first episode!

9 Mar


In this episode:

Welcome to The Pocket Librarian: Introduction to Lola, Emily, and the background and vision for TPL.

Part One: Libraries in Pop Culture

Emily explores the ways in which popular media presents libraries to young audiences, and how this image shapes the ways in which libraries become culturally understood.

Part Two:  Lola Interviews her Mom

Lola picks her Mom’s brain about her experiences working and volunteering in different library environments.

Part Three: Co-op spotlight: Heather Nicholson

Emily and Lola interview a current co-op student at an Alberta academic library and find out the value in experience and observation.

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My first recorded segment – alone!

2 Feb

Hi folks!

Well, I went at it alone yesterday. I took the plunge, and recorded my first-ever media and pop culture segment, all by myself. I had to lay out my papers so they didn’t rustle, and hold the recorder at a level distance, and try not to trip all over my words… it was fun! After importing and grappling through a few Garage Band technical difficulties, I managed to do a dry edit and send them along to Lola for refining – after all, she’s the expert. I’m thinking next week she’ll show me how to add music to my own edits.