TPL 002: Neutrality, iPad, MLIS from a graduate perspective

7 Apr


In this episode:

Welcome Back to The Pocket Librarian:

Part One: Emily on Library Neutrality

Emily talks about the idea (and ideal) of library neutrality, and how it has changed for her since her first term at FIMS.

Part Two: Lola Loves Gadgets: On the iPad

Lola explores the exciting ways in which the new Apple iPad can and will impact libraries of all sorts in the near future.

Part Three: Interview with a Public Librarian
Lola and Emily pick the brain of the lovely and enthusiastic Jamie Kamula, a public librarian and recent graduate of the MLIS program at UWO.

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Show Links:

Questioning Library Neutrality: Essays from Progressive Librarian
by Alison Lewis

(on Amazon)

Augmented Reality iPhone application:

London Public Library Westmount Branch:

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