Reflections on January: Is this thing on?

1 Feb

It’s hard to believe we’re in the first week of February! The last few weeks have flown by, but we’ve managed to get all the start up stuff in place.

The great thing about doing a project like this is the amazing energy it seems to brew. We have had FANTASTIC support from wonderful supervisor Pam McKenzie and from Wendi Crouch on the Journalism side of the faculty. We’ve managed to acquire some excellent recording equipment (I’ll get into that later) we’ve managed to get some great material from the sessions we’ve recorded.

Em has been diligent at editing – I am so grateful for a podcasting partner who’s not afraid to jump in and try the technology. In the meantime I’ve been mulling on our branding stuff, and playing around with the blog behind the scenes.

The best part, however, is how organic things seem to be moving. Normally, I’d feel this pressure to schedule everything in a more regimented way, but somehow most of our sessions have been impromptu. Not that they were unorganized, but more “Why not just do it now?” moments. To be quite frank, it’s exhilarating to “jump in with both feet” as dear Emily would say.

This is not to say that producing and collaborating doesn’t need a structured framework. We definitely have our ideas at the ready and goals in mind. But I am starting to understand the need to stop burying one’s head in the minutiae of planning and just take action.

Lunch: taco pizza
Couch potato status: light

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